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Oct. 21, 2017

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Sayings about luck

  • Happiness. the most worthy life essence,  a wonderful medicine to enlarge our lifetime.
    (C. L. Schleich)
  • Poor is who is narrowed by his own ego, but those who are wider can meet a blooming and sweet smelling world. 
    (Adolf Freiherr Graf von Schach)
  • Laughing makes us more reasonable than anger.
    (Gottfried Ebrahim Lessing)
  • A happy, bright mind is the spring of all precious and good things, the greatest and most beautiful what ever happend started from such a mood.
    (Friedrich Schiller)
  • Easygoing happiness makes even the hardest  things more easy, especially the invisible.
  • Even a winter sleeping in the cold is wearing a breeze of spring in its face.
  • To be healty and happy is really the greatest treasure.
    (Joannes Grob)
  • The greatness of the world is always a question of the watching mind: The good will find his paradise here, the bad encounters its hell here already. 
    (Heinrich Heine)
  • All in this world is strange and wonderful for a pair of open eyes.
    (Ortega Y Gasset)
  • The greatest luck on earth is marriage. Every men who is happily married is successful, even when he failed beside that entirely.
    (William Lyon Phelps)
  • The luck is not to get the goal but to be on the way to it.
    (Ingvar Kamprad)
  • There is hardly an excess more beautiful in this world than the one of greatfulness.
    (Jean de la Bruyere)
  • Even all money in the world will not provide what really counts.
    (Hans Menzel)
  • Hope means to be conviced that it is never too late.
    (Ludek Pachmann)
  • Nothing is more pleasant than to get the advanage of a misfortune.
    (Ludwig Börne)
  • Abundance is only to appreciate if it is used for the collective good.
    (Carl Hilty)
  • If my eye is bright, the world cannot be dark..
    (Oskar Schirmer)
  • All what is done with heartyness does not need helpers.
    (Japanese wisdom)
  • Who walks to the sun will leave the shadows behind.
    (Fritz Wolke)
  • The luck of your life depends on which kind of thoughts you have.
    (Mark Aurel)
  • Happiness, my dear, is the medicine of this life! I am happy when I hear something pleasant from others, if somebody on this sad planet is happy, even when a dog's tail wags or the cats in some corners are purring satisfied. 
    (Ernest Hemingway)