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Oct. 21, 2017

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Sayings about love

  • Love is more a matter of giving instead of taking.
    (Berthold Brecht)
  • The good being that favours itself and others, I call it spirit. 
    (Goethe, Die Weisen und die Leute)
  • Nothing is impossible in dreams and love.
    (Janos Arany)
  • Who does not know jealosy, does not know love. Who does not know compunction, does not know constancy. And only who tries to find the shadless way can find the sunshiny day. 
    (Gottfried Keller)
  • Love even grows upon stones. That means even stones have to give way to love sooner or later.  
  • Too much love is never a sin but not enough.
    (R. Roy)
  • Only in the way of love we get possibilities which are unlimited. 
  • We are all born to love. It is the sense of our being and its only purprose. 
    (Benjamin Disraeli)
  • And even if there is nothing intact left, I will not resign - I believe in love.
    (Theodor Körner)
  • Wo never meets nature by love will never meet it.
    (Friedrich Schlegel)
  • Soft is stronger than hard, water stronger than rock, love stronger than violence.
    (Hermann Hesse)
  • When it's tingling in your heard and heart, what better can you have at all? Who no more loves and no more errs may order his funeral.
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)